Welcome to my fine art prints site.

Hello! My name is Birgitt, I am a life-time visual artist.

I make digital paintings and drawings and live in Sweden. I enjoy making my work  accessible and available for purchase online. 

My limited edition archival prints are digitally created originals - richly produced on high-quality archival Awagami paper.

Each print is hand numbered and signed.

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  • Olofström N


  • Blekinge län


  • Zweden

Artist edition prints are a unique art form. They are not only affordable but they fit many environments and can be custom-framed to match your house or office. Most prints are completed at standardized sizes : small, medium and large size.

These artprints will be accomplished in high definition on Awagami Fine Art paper.

the works are for sale in different sizes.

small   140 euro incl. post&package, edition of 20

medium  350 euro incl. post&package, edition of 10

large 690 to 950 euro incl post&package, edition of 5

The original sizes are much bigger and only printed ONCE!

Some are not available anymore.

please investigate if you are interested in a big print.

to order: go to my shop or send an email to cdogville@gmail.com