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work in the collections of the Government, Province, Countys, Municipalities, Art Institutions, Companies and Art collectors.


Galerie Sonia Monti, Paris, France

Galerie Adorable, Den Haag, The Netherlands

De melkfabriek, Den Bosch, the Netherlands

Museum Öland, Sweden

born:  Meerssen, The Netherlands, 1950


Born in the Netherlands in 1950, now living in Sweden.

I have been drawing since i was a child, drawing is my most important tool and I love it!. I started as a professional artist in the eighties.

In the nineties, I became an actor for 15 years.

Moving to Sweden in 2014 made me want to work again as a painter. I missed painting and drawing. The ipad gave me an opportunity to work again without the physical difficulties I would have had painting in real which is difficult for me nowadays.

All came together, paint was never the material i really liked. Pencil, dry needle etching, scratching etc was always my preferred way of expressing myself.

The surface of the ipad is hard!

I can paint with a pencil!

In the early days of my carreer I was inspired by Cy Twombly, Pollock, Kirkeby, Baselitz and many others. At the moment I find myself looking at works of Munch, Veuillard, Hopper and Bonnard but also to the work of contemporary artists like Daniel Richter and Peter Doig and many nowadays painters.

Mostly my work starts with an image that struck me, touches me, found on internet or photographed myself. I keep these images around me, sometimes for years.

Mostly I make a fast sketch first to see if it is interesting for a painting. I have trouble to draw out of my head. This mentioned, I leave the picture alone and use my sketch to start a new work.

The sense of light, the mood, the colours, the feeling of a painting does not come easy: It appears by working, watching, experience and chance and every day.